This is a question that we receive almost daily.   It is a question worth asking.   What are the consequences on your car insurance of filing a $1000 claim?   The answer is that they are the same as filing a $100,000 claim. There is no distinction.    Unless you have some accident forgiveness on your policy, which some companies offer and some do not, your insurance company will surcharge you for the small claim.   This is the difficult part.   We don’t know what the impact will be on your insurance rates.   The company is unable to tell us what the impact will be due to the number of rating factors that now exist.   In most cases, financially it is not worth filing the small claims.   The increase on your insurance premiums will more often than not be larger than $1000 in damage that you would pay.   This never makes people happy.   Why should it?   We pay all this money in insurance and when we go to use it, our rates go up.   Yes, most of the time that is the case.   The decision is yours as the customer.   It is generally a wise financial decision to make this payment out of pocket if you can afford to do so.   This is something that you should depend on your agent to help you work through.